Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Workshop at West Country Embroiderers

I attended a workshop at Sherborne branch of the West Country Embroiderers this Monday just past with the amazing Llinos Spriggs in 'charge'. Llinos works mainly in abstract and likes to use the idea of colour themes for pieces.  She presented us all with bags of scrap fabric and asked us to think of a flower and collect colours around that flower.  At first I thought of an iris, but then she demonstrated the colour idea using that same flower as her example.  I settled for a paeony - not sure if the spelling is correct - not important.

The first stage - layering up the fabrics; cottons, sheers, satin effect, sparkling bits!

A little bit of hand stitching - kantha style.

Machine embroidery!

The finished 

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  1. Hi there, your finished book looks so lovely and your stitching is gorgeous. I'd love to follow along with you but you dont have your followers link up lol xo


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