Sunday, 26 May 2013

Darn It!

Yesterday was an extra meeting for our branch of the Embroiderers' Guild - the original had to be cancelled in January due to the snow! As that is often the case, we usually have members leading the workshops. This time we had three workshops for members to choose from; Darn It, Scrunch, Paint and Stitch and finally, Altered Textiles.  I chose to do Darn It and we were presented with hessian potato sacks (by one of our farmer's wife members) and we used a variety of threads, wools, ribbons and strips of fabrics to create our own patterns - very relaxing. I plan to make it into another book cover (my current obsession).
The tutor's sample - a cushion.

Paint, Scrunch and Stitch was painting acrylic paint onto brown paper, when dry, applying it with bondaweb to felt or a suitable fabric, crumpling it up and applying gold wax or markel stick. covering with another layer of bondaweb and covering the whole thing with a chiffon scarf to change the colours. A background ready for stitch.

Altered Textiles was taking the most awful pieces of upholstery fabric (which is always donated to textile lovers by well-meaning people) and once again, painting with acrylic to alter, change, disguise the background ready for stitch.  Further photos can be seen on


  1. You are a lucky lady winning two raffles.Thanks for reading my blog. I had a laugh about the upholstery fabric, so true, and the clean house,even truer.

  2. Love the 'darning'& that gorgeous pink flower inspired book, delicious! I'll try & find that fb page another way as the link wouldn't work for me.


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