Thursday, 27 June 2013

Something for Nothing!

A few months ago, a friend gave me a pile of fabric samples attached to cards - the sort a salesperson would have to show to store buyers. Amongst them were about five cards of small triangles of tweed style samples, mostly made of wool.  For I while I pondered what I'd do with this 'bits' - in the days of City & Guilds it would have been easy - straight into the folder for fabric types.  I sorted them into colour themes, stripes, checks etc and laid them down onto a large piece of felt. Then I attached them to the felt using the embellisher machine; once secured, I covered the whole lot with machine embroidery.  The whole piece was then cut in half and then stitched back together with zig-zag stitch. I continued to cut the piece in half, horizontally and vertically - stitching them back together each time with zig-zag. The end result.... a small book cover and a few other 'bits' for cards. Sadly it's a dismal day and the photography doesn't do the colours justice.

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  1. Gillian I think they look beautiful, like crazy patchwork, love the added buttons xoxo


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