Sunday, 16 June 2013

What an eventful week!

Well this week I've been so busy with everything in general but still have found time to stitch! Monday started with West Country Embroiderers and the tutor didn't arrive - everyone had an email but me, so I duly arrived with all the kit.... and started my own interpretation of manipulated fabric! This is being based on a rather interesting piece of dried, old wood in the hedgerow and is still very much in the early stages - photos will follow and I plan to call it White Wood.

My son came home from France that evening, he's been there working for six weeks ..... so now the tidy home has disappeared again.  And speaking of disappearing..... Moosh decided to take himself for a walkabout on Thursday for five hours! Walking miles searching! Stress and panic! Phone calls to the police, dog warden and local vets!
The picture of innocence!
And then suddenly, he was home!

Yesterday was the 25th Anniversary Garden Party for Blackmore Vale Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild ... and as usual for us, it rained with just a very small pocket of sunshine.  We hold this event annually in the garden of our dear president, an older lady who has had a rough year one way and another but remains determined to give the members a wonderful time.  The following are photos from around the garden!

We did a crossword which had been devised by one of the members - such fun; we all brought some food for a shared lunch and spent the time inbetween stitching.  In the afternoon we had a FREE raffle and 11 lucky people got a prize.  Just before afternoon tea, all the members took part in an embroidery related quiz, set by the same member ..... 30 questions! I won the first prize, told you I was dedicated to the art!

The rest of the time this week has been spent on 'basic' sewing for the village fete!

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