Saturday, 31 August 2013

Raising Money for St Margaret's Hospice

Apologies for the picture quality, I lifted it from the Brief-Art website - it's a piece I made and donated to be sold in aid of the hospice - I'm delighted to say that somebody very kindly bought it and raised funds for this good cause.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Being without a pc has its merits!

I have been without a pc and regular access to the internet for quite some time for a number of reasons but it really means more time for sewing, embroidery and creating.  I wanted to continue with the theme of the previous post which was piecing fabrics together to make another textile. The beginning was various fine fabrics and silk in strips applied to felt with the embellisher machine -it's use is, I feel, limited but this is one potential way of moving it forward perhaps.
It all looks pretty boring here - just lines and lines of fabric with a few woollen threads in long boring rows..... but add a bit of automatic stitch machine embroidery and then the fun can start.
With a rotary cutter I cut it in half, turned it and stitched it together again and as you can see from the following photos, I continued to do this until the whole thing was so jumbled up and re-constructed that it became a new textile.

Finally, I remembered a little bag pattern in the Embroiderers' Guild magazine Stitch for a little bag and the fabric magically became one! Just need to change the fastener.

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