Sunday, 26 January 2014

Grow your blog weekend - the outcome so far!

Well so far this weekend I've had so much fun with the fantastic GYB party. Never knew there were just so many wonderful people out there; better than any library membership. Fantastic stories of 'real' life, funny and sad. Talented makers; sewing, knitting, crochet, jewellers, scrap bookers, painters and photographers. A chance to travel the world, without packing my case and braving the check-in and journey. I'm so grateful to Vicki for organising this and to all the people that have stopped by and even more so to those of you that have decided to take the plunge and follow me 🌠

I belong to a little online group called 'Be Creative' and the administrator encourages members to post (on Facebook) their artistic activities for one weekend per month.

I've been working on a piece of gold work based on a stained glass window in Reims, France. Photos aren't the best because my camera is out of battery power, so I've used my mobile. I'm not risking a trip out into soggy Somerset lanes today.



Till next time, Gilli - off to do some more Family Tree work now😊 


  1. These are really glowing aren't they? Lovely. I'm enjoying Be Creative, too, one day I'll get time to look at all those prompts!

  2. Gilli your stitch work really is incredible...bestets daisy x

  3. Your piece looks intriguing, Gilli :) The blogging world is indeed deep and wide; I for one, am a remorseless addict!,

  4. This looks lovely! Yes GYB is fun isn't it? Enjoy the rest of the party - and keep warm and dry! x

  5. Beautiful and very striking work - I love the metallic fabric. My friend does gold work and it's something I would love to try - it's on my list of things I must have a go at before I'm past it!!!


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