Saturday, 22 March 2014

Activities This Week

Our branch of the Embroiderers' Guild will be hosting the South West Region AGM in October and we are asking our members to make small pieces of embroidery to be mounted onto card and presented as calendar gifts to the visitors from other branches.  I volunteered to stitch/make five and have completed them and laced them onto the card........ 

There has also been some more work on the embellished piece. I've removed the 'beginnings' of a tree, stitched automatic machine patterns onto the background, trying to find stitches that look like leaves, ferns, bamboo etc. Then I've added a tiger from a digitized pattern on the Pfaff and finished off with some more embellising of fibres, threads and wool. He'll look better once framed and will need a double mount - title Endangered, Extinct.


  1. The cards are beautiful and I love the embellished piece with the tiger!!

  2. Gorgeous embroideries, lucky visitors! That tiger is lovely just creeping out of the 'jungle' ;)

  3. Beautiful works. I love your style, looks like what I love for me to do ...


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