Sunday, 16 March 2014

Gold work, Embellisher and Spring!

Some of the bits and pieces I've been working on over the past few weeks/days. In January our branch of the Embroiderers' Guild had a workshop on gold work ..... but I was unwell and missed it; but, once feeling better, I started some myself and based the design on a stained glass window from the cathedral in Reims, France. This was a design project I did for my City & Guilds and it's been invaluable; I keep going back to it.
Blue Window - unfinished!
 This past Monday at West Country Embroiderers' we did another gold work workshop led by Llinos Spriggs - she encouraged to use the centre as a focal point and gave us a few pointers to 'update' the technique.
I've also been lucky enough t0 get myself a new embellishing machine - this one has 12 needles as opposed to the previous one which only had five.  Playing around with wool tops and fancy wool and also on the second one with pieces of torn polyester headscarves (all found in charity shops). Not sure about the second of the two; it's going to need a lot of machine and hand embroidery but it has potential.
Forest Floor

Tiger Jungle
It also looks like spring is coming to the village! ;-)
wild flowers

the lane into the village

my best boy! Woof!


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  1. Hello, thank for the comment. I am sure you will enjoy your new embellisher, not to speak of the Pfaff! No more falls I hope.


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