Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Be Creative

Along with continuing to finish and prepare pieces for the forthcoming Blackmore Vale Exhibition as part of Dorset Art Weeks, I've been playing along with Myfanwy Hart and her Facebook group 'Be Creative' - membership of this group is by invitation. Myfanwy places prompts to get your creative juices flowing once a month, over a 'long weekend' period and often extended further into the following week. Here are just a few of her 'Prompts'

Draw around your hands and doodle inside
Chose a piece of fabric and threads and stitch 9 cross stitches, add another 9 cross stitches and wait for next prompt - work in progress; I've still to add my next session of cross stitches

Take a suduko puzzle and colour 1 - 4 in colour A, 5 - 7 in colour B, and 8 - 9 in colour C
There is also an opportunity to take part in a postcard swap - mine ready to go
Finally, just a little bit of fun I found on Pinterest!

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