Thursday, 19 June 2014

Revise, Refresh, Revive

My friend, Maria, and I have set up a Facebook Group which we have called Revise, Refresh, Revive and we are using it to work through certain books that we both have with the idea of creating pieces that will remind us of some of the more simple techniques. We have both found that it is quite an excellent way of reviewing and refreshing ourselves and our work. Our projects at the moment are from the Machine Embroidery Workbook, produced for the Embroiderers' Guild by Maggie Grey and Val Campbell-Harding in 1998. Chapter One encourages the user to remind themselves about the importance of cleaning the sewing machine - something we are all guilty of ignoring due to our eagerness to start the next project, the use the correct size needle and thread for each piece too, to get the best results.

Chapter Two takes the embroiderer onto projects and the first are so simple, but when approached again with a different view, produce some exciting pieces. It suggests that fabric shapes are cut from various toning fabrics, with bondaweb applied to the back of each and then machine stitched to a background with just rows of straight stitch. 

The second project is similar but calls for a change of shape and the use of utility stitches on the machine. It also suggest that the thread colour and type is changed, shiny and matt.

I've used a brown cotton and a red rayon thread on this, with two different zig-zag patterns used and it's very interesting how it changes the colour effect of the fabrics used. Why not give it a try and join us on Facebook.
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