Friday, 16 January 2015

Finish For Friday One

Earlier this week I wrote about trying to tackle my unfinished objects: UFO's. Well my aim is to get one done as often as possible and I hope to post about one of these projects under the above title, Finish For Friday. I thought this would be a good slogan to use to inspire me when looking through the pile of projects awaiting some attention.  

This week's achievement was started in May 2014 at Kingcombe, the holiday using the embellisher machine.  I finished the first piece started on that course very quickly and sold it at an exhibition last year, but this piece has hung around for a while and other problems in my life just made it impossible to get on with it.

It is called 'La Fenetre' - the window and is based on a photo of a window, wooden shutter and window box of a french cottage.

I have tried to depict the stones in the wall by using different colour felts, outlined with machine embroidery. The flowers in the window box are also felted and detail has been added with hand stitches.  To get the mix of the paint effect of the shutter, I incorporated some silk fibres in with the wool tops. The vine/ivy is also hand stitched and the leaves have been constructed by using the needle lace technique.  

Only problem, I've taken the photo this evening under electric light and therefore the colours are not as convincing as in daylight.
Tomorrow I shall be going to the first branch meeting of the year for Blackmore Vale embroiderer's guild, but I'm not doing the another opportunity to work on an unfinished item, problem is which one.

Life is like photography - You need the negatives to develop - Anon


  1. I'm visiting from St. John's NL Canada. Your work is lovely. I can't join your blog via google friends as my computer doesn't like it. I try to join blogs via bloglovin or email when possible. I have saved your URL to pop back once in awhile. Please drop by and visit my blog.

  2. Hi Gillian! I'm working my way back through your posts. This project is terrific! I can really see the stones in the wall and that window box is too cool! Thanks for all your comments and visits to my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed coming along with me to Houston. I'd love to see more of England :). You asked where I store all my china addiction stuff. I don't live in a mansion--I live in a normal sized townhouse. I have a small china cabinet but a lot of kitchen cabinets...although I am quickly running out of room.


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