Saturday, 24 January 2015

Grow Your Blog Party 2015


Hello to any new visitors, come in, you are very welcome .....
let me introduce myself. 

I'm delighted to be involved with this fun event again this year and I can say that I found many exciting and interesting people to stay 'in touch' with in blog-land last year and also gained some new followers, which is what it is all about really.  I am always surprised that people out in the world wide web find my ramblings interesting!!

Before I get going, I want to thank Vicki of Two Bags Full and her behind the scene helpers for making this fun event possible.

My name is Gillian Salmons but due to the fact that there are people called Gillian or Gill in my village and some of the groups I belong to, I have now become known as Gilli. 

I live in the United Kingdom, Great Britain or England - whatever title you choose to give our little island and have been living in Somerset, a county in South West England for almost 7 years now. I moved down here with my husband, who sadly passed away in October 2014 after a short but spirited fight with cancer, and my youngest son, Andrew. We came from Sussex in the busy South East of England. I retired from nursing in public health in the community in 2006 (due to rheumatoid arthritis).  I live in a cottage built around 1800 which has thick 18 inch walls, a little inglenook fireplace with an oak beam; the whole place is just so cosy and the village is very small with a river, wild flower meadows, church, thatched pub and a wonderfully supportive community. 

I have always been interested in handicrafts and was taught most of the basics by my Nanna; we would sew, knit and crochet. My Mum was also a dressmaker and made my wedding dress and the dresses for my five bridesmaids, along with all the trimmings!

I dabbled with all sorts of sewing and knitting for the home and family and also got caught up in the 'cross stitch craze' of the late eighties/early nineties. 

Gradually I became bored with cross stitch and started to look for something else to do. My answer came from a visit to one of the Knitting and Stitching shows at Alexandra Palace, North London.  I saw an exhibition of work by a lady that had just completed City & Guilds Creative Textiles. My adventure in C & G world was started in 1998, with Part One completed by 2000, and Part Two by 2003.  I loved the challenge of learning design techniques in Part One and became particularly interested in the historical studies necessary for Part Two and gradually started my ever increasing collection of antique and foreign embroideries from all over the world. 

Which I really should photograph and feature here from time to time - mental note to myself to start this!

I have continued to develop my love of textiles with membership of the Embroiderers' Guild, West Country Embroiderers (which is a break away group from the Embroiderers' Guild formed in 1973 - and is based in the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset only). I've also been a member of various exhibiting groups; I attend a group for developing skills with the embellishing machine but mainly explore and experiment with techniques and ideas with my friend, Maria and our antics are described in more detail on our 'joint' blog, Stitched Together.  We are also taking part in the 'Party'.  

I love hand and machine embroidery, I enjoy traditional and modern techniques and I love to use mixed media whenever appropriate and I do it all because I LOVE it. It's a passion and has now become my therapy too, as I now learn to live my life 'alone'. I enjoy creating pieces and find it fun when people ask 'How did you do it?'

I blog because I enjoy sharing my ideas and reading about other people's and it is useful to get comments when I'm stuck with a piece of work. Blogging lets you have 'penfriends' everywhere without the postage cost.

I really hope to find some new friends, to follow some more interesting people and maybe inspire some readers enough to want to follow me and my textile life. 



  1. Hi Gilli - I have been a follower for a little while - a great post introducing yourself and your loves - I look forward to seeing more about yourself and your textile 'affair'!! I am also taking part in the GYBP - a great way to network and support other bloggers isn't it!!

  2. You have an amazing voice! I felt like I was listening to an old friend while reading your post. I'm going to stay and look around for a little while. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Nice to meet you Gilli! I'm adding you to my reader. =)

  4. Hi Gilli, I'm one of Vicki's little helpers, just popping by to say welcome to the party on her behalf. I find your embroidery incredible; so original and beautiful. I'm glad it's helping you adjust to life alone.

  5. Dear Gillian,
    Welcome to Grow Your Blog party. Like you, I love embroidery. Those knitting and stitching show is such a pleasure to visit isn't it..Hope you'll made some new friends and have new followers in the weeks to come. Big Hugs from Singapore

  6. So happy to have made my way here via the GYB party. Your work is amazing and your village sounds delightful. Nice to meet you!

  7. It is nice to meet you in this blog hop. Your textile art is amazing. I am sorry to hear about your husband. I hope you will visit my blog when you get a chance. Jennifer

  8. Hi Gilli.
    I am very pleased to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better. I am from Canada and have a few brit followers to my blog. I just loved your description of your home and village ! This party has been fun !

  9. looking forward to sharing with you too.New follower.

  10. Love your textile pieces - will be following for inspriation !!!

  11. I fell in love with your art and you had me hooked with design techniques. I know you gals across the pond (I live in the US) are far better at designing and experimenting with pieces than we in the US. Seems most US quilters don't play with fabric the same way. I truly LOVE everything you showed, and was glad to see there were NO traditional quilts among your pieces. I am truly in awe, and will be back often.

    I really enjoyed visiting your blog. It was a genuine breath of fresh air. I also think you live in a simply gorgeous area of England.

  12. I'm visiting from St. John's NL Canada. Your work is lovely. Drop by and visit my blog. Please read my post on your previous post. It was suppose to go here (grin)

  13. Hi Gillian! I'm visiting for the grow your blog party from the U.S. Your home sounds beautiful! Do you live near the coast? I would love to see pictures of your projects.

  14. I, too, never cease to be amazed that anybody actually wants to read my blog. When I started it was just a means to keep my adult kids up-to-date on what I was creating and now it has morphed into so much more. Thank you so much for inviting us over for a visit with you.

  15. HI Gilli, visiting from GYB, great post! You live in a beautiful part of the world! I would love to see pics of those antique embroidery pieces.

  16. Hi, waving from East Yorkshire here and really liked your stitchy pieces.
    Just starting to get a handle on the GYB list - hope you enjoy the cyber jaunt : )

  17. Hello Gilli, I'm sorry to hear your dear husband passed away. Take care dear. I'm happy to hear the making of art is helping you going on with your life. You make stunning pieces of art Gilli! With so many techniques too. I am definitely going to follow you. Must be through google+ and bloglovin though, because I reached the maximum one can follow through google friend connect... And oh my, I love love the south of England. I'm from the Netherlands and love visiting your country. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Wishing you a peaceful day ~ Wendy of Apple and Apricot blog

  18. Hi Gilli. Interesting post and beautiful work. Your photo of Somerset and description of your home makes me so homesick. 8 years now since I last visited ;-( Hope you are enjoying the GYB hop.

  19. Hi again Gilli, Thank you for commenting on my blog, your comment shows as `no-reply´ so I couldn´t reply privately.


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