Friday, 20 February 2015

Finish For Friday Four

This has been quite a productive week for me and I've managed to almost finish a fair number of projects but these three are totally complete and up for sharing. All have been made using the embellishing machine - the large book cover is a number of wool, acrylic threads on black felt and I've woven them as I go. The two small pieces are needle cases and they gave me the chance to use my kam snaps! Now I'm sure you are thinking that one is crazy patchwork and cannot have been made with an embellisher, but it is pieces of fancy fabrics, distressed and applied to felt with the embellishing machine, then machine embroidered and hand stitched.


  1. Its funny how some weeks are so productive and at other times its hard to be creative. I have lead a couple of workshops making the brown/leather like paper.
    You are making good use of the embellisher. I have printed some of the field block with the intention of practising insertion stitch, but not got v. far with that. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Gorgeous - I have been thinking about buying an embellishing machine - I am even more tempted now!!

  3. "Totally complete" is the hard step for me, Gillian ;) It always seems so much more enjoyable to be beginning something new than wrapping up all the bits :)

  4. Wow, that "crazy patchwork" piece is so cool! I wouldn't have guessed it was made up of pieces of fabric sewn on felt!

  5. Hi Gillian, I've finally figured out where you keep your blog :-) That must be a very fancy machine you have there, I'm extremly impressed with what it does. Not exactly sure what an 'embellishing machine' does but what ever it is, it's very effective. I have a whole stack of 'stuff', fabric, thread, wool, etc. I don't sew too much any more because even though I'm ok with a paint brush, I don't seem to have the dexterity needed for sewing, plus I have to get grandchindren to thread needles for me. But what I would love to do is to encorporate some fabric into my paintings. I'm still working on a way of doing that though. :-)


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