Sunday, 17 May 2015

A New Mrs Salmons!

My eldest son, Richard, got married on 15 May 2015 - it was 'Yellow Heaven' and I'm sharing some photographs here today!

 A Perfect Day!

Yesterday, my other son and I traveled back from Surrey and collected Moosh, the dog from his minder. When he got into the car, he caught one of his back claws in the metal runner for the front car seat. To cut a long story short, we spent an hour trying to release him, unbolt the metal runner and everything else we could think of and the happy ending was ..... we had to call the fire brigade and the vet and these heroes between them released our boy without any injury and harm!!

 And just to end a weekend of highs and lows - I've got a water leak through the ceiling and no answer from the plumber!!


  1. The wedding photos looked amazing but didnt see you in any of them !!! Poor Moosh, must have been awful for you all but glad he is OK. Have you now sorted the water problem? which room has it come into, not the bathroom I hope!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos of an obviously, lovely wedding ... so glad Moosh was rescued safely ! He is adorable ;)

  3. wow now is it just me or does anyone else find yellow an unusual colour for a wedding?? It's lovely but can't say I've seen many yellow bridesmaids or flowers or most especially a yellow cake at a wedding before. How unusual. Even the men all have yellow button holes and gold/ yellow ties, it all looks lovely :-) Plus she is a very beautiful bride

    1. It has been her dream since a little girl to have a yellow wedding and I think it was just the perfect choice for a spring day. She is beautiful and on the inside too and has the lovely name of Jordana.


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