Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Story of my First Crazy Patchwork Block

Back at the end of March, I started an online course with Kathy Shaw  to learn how to work a crazy patchwork block. The story unfolds with the photos below:

 Gathering supplies!

Piecing the block fabric together.

 Embroidering the seams!

 Ribbon embroidery.

 Adding charms and lace!

The finished masterpiece!


  1. Congratulations, it looks amazing, so proud that we have finished this. I know I will treasure mine as you will yours. Will be a reminder of happy sewing days together, and a piece I will always keep.x

  2. What a lovely block, great all the detail. Just been catching up with your wonderful work & your new DIL & all the other pics are beautiful!

  3. I'm catching up on blogs as well and love the intricate embroidery you have done on your block !!


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