Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Busy for Easter

I spent most of Good Friday morning busy in the garden, getting more tidying done and planting some pansies and wallflowers - and I saw the first butterfly of the season, a brimstone. Such a beautiful, sunny spring day!
Well how can two days be so different, Easter Saturday - strong winds and downpours. Why does the British weather know when it is Bank Holiday time when families are supposed to have fun. Well after getting soaked in the rain whilst out with the dogs, I had a good long soak in a hot bath and then made this little bear in the hoop with my Pfaff machine (thanks to OMA designs) - then I snuggled down and tackled some more projects waiting to be finished and some long overdue knitting that needed to be completed.
Sunday started a lot brighter again and so the dogs had a well deserved long walk.

I also had time to finish this piece of work from a Weymouth workshop with Kate Paterson - layers of sheers, free machine embroidery and cutback with a soldering iron - can't decide which side I like best. 

Easter Monday started with storm Katie tracking through during the early hours; rain, rain and winds up to 106 miles per hour in some parts of the UK with flights transferred from Gatwick airport in the south east. With the new system in place of naming our storms now, that makes 11 already this year. Another good opportunity to catch up with some more sewing. 

Finished this cushion which had been hanging around for a while, so feeling happy.

 Most "impossible" goals can be met simply by breaking them down into bite size chunks, writing them down, believing them, and then going full speed ahead as if they were routine.
Don Lancaster


  1. The weather here is absolutely ridiculous at the moment. We had a big freezing rain storm the end of last week and then it was 14 degrees Celcius on Sunday. Now they're calling for a polar vortex to hit us towards the end of this week again. Spring is certainly taking her sweet time!

  2. Beautiful work! Love the blackwork and the machine embroidery. That teddy is fab though i don't understand what you mean by you made it in the hoop on your Pfaff?

  3. Some lovely work here, specially the Kate Paterson piece....hmmm, second pic is my fave I think. We're certainly managing to catch up with things, aren't we, the garden in between the showers on a good day & stitching in front of the fire on a storm day, oh well, hoods up!


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