Tuesday, 30 August 2016

So where did July and August go?

Well once again it seems that I have left it for ages between posts; I just have no idea where the time flies off to and all the good intentions to write something more regularly just disappear.  The last few weeks have been spent doing all the normal stuff - boring housework, back breaking work in the garden, having my nails done (my special treat), taking the dogs out, meeting friends and family and of course, sewing.  The other time consuming activity in my life just lately has been my own craft fair - we are about to have number two this Sunday and the tables have been filled very quickly each time I'm pleased to say, with no vacancies for the next two in October and November ..... and a lengthy waiting list!
I have been doing more activities with Kathy Shaw and her free online classes on the crazy patchwork theme - the last module was painting, dyeing, and all manner of colouring all types of things including the metal charms that are used. And eager beaver me has now signed up for the next module which is more embroidery based and will involve stitching motifs - first task.... trees.

The next year has started at Weymouth with Kate Paterson and I'm sorry to hear that due to family issues, this will be the last programme she will run - we are working on the poem by Sara Coleridge - The Months of the Year and the workshop for the month of August is linked to harvest and sunflowers.

I've also linked up on Facebook with a group set up by Hilary Beattie - she is a textile artist who likes to use mixed media wherever possible - the August challenge was to make a piece about A3 size of whatever you like, using any technique - I have a sort of on/off sketchbook on the theme of woodland, so I made myself a fabric collage of various fabrics; fat quarters, dyed fabrics, transfer paint dyed lace, washi tape ... and a feather!?, covered it with a piece of green chiffon and machine stitched it to form the impression of tree trunks. I had some very positive comments.

I'm going to Maria's tomorrow for a stitching day - still don't know what I'll do - I will try to write up something again before six weeks is up ;-)
The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear ~ Socrates 
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